2021 was a big year of wins for Auror customers, who reported a record 100,000 events per month in the platform, helping to prevent more loss and harm than ever before.

We look back on some of the wins of last year that best exemplify the power of crime intelligence and taking a collaborative approach to asset protection/loss prevention.

New Zealand - Stopping a prolific retail crime group

In May this year, members of a prolific organized crime group were arrested by New Zealand Police thanks in large part to superb reporting efforts by an Auror supermarket customer. 

The group had been traveling throughout Auckland, the country’s largest city, targeting high commodity items, leading to NZ$80,000 (US$54,000) worth of stolen property. These included pain medication, baby formula, and chocolate. 

Police arrested and charged six people, who had accumulated 221 events in the Auror platform at this one supermarket brand’s stores alone.

Australia - Catching South Australia’s most wanted shoplifter

For more than 20 years, a person who was known as “South Australia’s most wanted shoplifter” had continued to steal from retailers and evade justice under the law. This person was aggressive and acted in a threatening manner towards store staff on numerous occasions. 

Finally, in July 2021, South Australia Police were able to arrest and charge this person with more than 40 offences totaling AU$35,000 (US$25,000). They were able to do so thanks to the amount of evidence reported on the platform by retailers. 

Read more about this win in our article.

North America - Group responsible for US$100,000 in loss apprehended

One of Auror’s North American retail customers has been using the platform to report and track a group of people who have traveled more than 3000 miles across three states. They have been using magnetic keys to open merchandise protection, causing over US$100,000 in loss so far.

In November 2021, two members of the group were arrested and retailers, law enforcement and Organized Retail Crime Associations (ORCA) are continuing to work together to apprehend the rest of the group.

Organized Retail Crime Associations - Retailers collaborate to identify offenders

The Auror for ORCAs platform launched with the intention of building a national movement in North America against Organized Retail Crime. That movement skyrocketed in a short time and there are now 15 ORCAs and thousands of retail and law enforcement users collaborating together on the platform.

A huge win for ORCAs in 2021 involved five retailers working with 22 law enforcement agencies on a series of robberies that took place in several pharmacies. A total of 58 people were identified, who were responsible for more than US$200,000 worth of loss.

Law Enforcement

Auror’s platform has not only helped retailers reduce harm and loss, but it has also helped law enforcement solve many non-retail crimes including homicides, kidnappings, and drugs.

In November, New Zealand Police used Auror’s number plate recognition technology to track a vehicle involved in a gang shooting. Search warrants were obtained, which led to the discovery of bombs and firearms and the arrest of some of the gang members. 

Continuing the winning streak in 2022

From preventing hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss, to helping put a stop to violent crimes, Auror customers have made some exceptional achievements so far. The upcoming year is shaping up to be even bigger and better and we can’t wait to see the wins that come through in 2022.

Contact us to learn more about how Auror can help prevent more loss and harm in your stores.

January 19, 2022
Auror Insights

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