Retail crime insights should be easier to access, understand, and act on.

Auror is excited to officially release the US Retail Crime Insights Report, the most comprehensive and actionable data content experience in loss prevention.

As retail crime continues to rise, it’s become a talking point across other industries as well. It’s not just increasing in frequency of course, the very nature of retail crime is changing just as fast. When it comes to reducing retail crime at scale, it’s not enough to know that rates have increased or decreased – organizations need to know why and how they have changed. And importantly, leaders need to understand what’s working to address these changes.

That’s why Auror created the Retail Crime Insights Report, because industry insights should be easier to access, understand, and perhaps most importantly, act on. Going beyond data alone, we'll dive into expert perspectives, emerging trends, and actionable takeaways for AP/LP professionals and law enforcement leaders.

The Retail Crime Insights Report will be updated twice per year with new formats, trend analyses, and global data. The quantitative insights have been securely organized and analyzed from tens of thousands of stores.

Click here to download the report for free.

February 27, 2024
Auror Insights

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