From “chasing ghosts” to seeing a 270% increase in recovered loss, Walmart has experienced firsthand the advantages of empowering its team with actionable intelligence in the face of retail crime. Since partnering with Auror, the US retailer has completely changed its approach to how it deals with crime in its stores, with meaningful results.

These results include:

  • Going from an average of 72 minutes to enter an event into their old system to just 11 minutes with Auror’s platform;
  • Experiencing a 270% increase in recovered loss compared with their old system;
  • Returning 22 million products back to shelves thanks to data and intelligence entered into the platform by associates;
  • Being able to identify that just 10% of people who are offending in their stores are responsible for 94% of their loss.

Walmart’s Wade Schillo and John Baschoff (both Senior Manager, Asset Protection) joined Auror’s Bobby Haskins on a Loss Prevention Foundation webinar to share their learnings so far. Some key talking points include:

  • What’s changed now that they have quality intelligence and structured data to work with;
  • Lessons from rolling out a brand new system in eight weeks to 5000+ stores and 18,000 associates;
  • Key light bulb moments since starting to use a platform powered by Retail Crime Intelligence;
  • The place of Retail Crime Intelligence in the future of AP/LP.

The importance of empowering your frontlines

As Walmart and a growing number of retailers around the world have discovered, empowering your frontline teams with the right tools and intelligence is one of the most important things you can do when dealing with retail crime.

Store teams are at the coalface when it comes to witnessing and experiencing unlawful, violent, and threatening acts. But traditional case management systems fail to help teams actually identify the people causing the most harm and to help prevent further crimes from happening.

With Retail Crime Intelligence however, frontline teams have the data and insights to identify people of interest, connect the dots on people who offend, and keep themselves and their customers safe.

Listen to the conversation and subscribe to The Intel podcast

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May 26, 2023
Loss Prevention

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