The Australia and New Zealand region is near and dear to Auror’s heart, so it’s with absolute pleasure that we welcome Kaye Harding as our new Regional Director ANZ.

Kaye is no stranger to the tech and business space, having led teams at Xero and Microsoft. She brings with her a passion for solving problems, doing right by customers and her team, and developing others both professionally and personally.

We had a quick chat with Kaye to learn more about what drew her to Auror, her key focus in her new role, and why she enjoys breaking down walls (both figuratively and literally!).

What brings you to Auror?

I fell in love with the product. It’s keeping communities and retail workers safer, and users make decisions on the platform based on facts rather than bias or assumptions. Taking away that unconscious bias is a big thing for me and I love Auror’s commitment to that in its product, but also in its culture.

I’ve always been curious about business and solving problems, the intersection of tech, people and processes, and how to create opportunities in business. I’m also passionate about helping to bring New Zealand tech companies to the world, how to upskill people in those companies and go after global growth. I look forward to working on all of that in my new role.

Speaking of upskilling and growth, what do you envision for your role, your team, and retail partners going forward?

I always talk about a “rising tide lifts all boats.” So for me, it’s about: how do we do right by Aurors, customers, and society in general. This means better education about how to deal with retail crime, and how to better engage with retail partners and law enforcement and bring together all those different entities to create better results.

Hearing stories from LP teams, I think their jobs are amazing. Until recently, they haven’t had the tools to enable them to do their jobs to the standard they want, so if we empower them with the right tools then the flow-on effects are going to be huge. We’re enabling people to do their jobs to a better standard, they’re able to go to work more safely, and get better engagement from law enforcement. This opportunity to help them do their best is important to me.

What has it been like for you so far being new to the AP/LP industry?

It’s been really interesting learning about the realities of what retail and AP/LP teams have to deal with. You think about loss prevention as just someone shoplifting, but you don’t understand there’s this whole network behind it and the true impact of that.

So, we hear you’re quite handy with a sledgehammer…

Yes, I’m a keen renovator - I actually just renovated and sold a house. It’s nice having an office job and coming home and getting out there with my hands and seeing tangible results. I’ve discovered I can do things that I never thought I would be able to.

I’m also studying to be a personal trainer. I really enjoy fitness and I have a gym at home. I was inspired by a receptionist at my first corporate job who did a personal training course and trained women before and after work. I always thought it was amazing that she was pursuing her passion. For me it’s just about my own training, but it goes back to my love of learning and being more capable than I sometimes realize.

April 6, 2022

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