New product & feature releases in 2020

We’ve made over 160 feature updates in 2020 improving the Auror platform for all of our retail partners. Some of the highlights include; a platform for building investigations, debt and restitution recovery automation, internals, dashboards, and a mobile app. We take a closer look at some of these releases below.

Auror Investigate

Enabling asset protection teams to conduct and build out complex investigations within the platform, and collaborate with other teams, other retailers, and law enforcement while investigating.

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Debt Recovery

Integrating debt recovery processes into Auror to cover more of the loss prevention problems our customers face such as; enabling debts and recoveries to be tracked against events, and reported on at a site, regional, or organization level. We released an integrated online solution for debt recovery, automatically sending texts and letters when money is owed to recover as much lost revenue as possible.

Sensitive and Internal Events

Handling sensitive and internal events in a way that gives the organization control over who can access different types of events at a global level, with built-in restrictions when staff members are involved in crime, and the ability to restrict access to specific events when needed.


An Auror mobile app for real-time notifications of events happening near you (currently available on Android, Apple to follow soon).

Vehicle merging

Automated vehicle merging, connecting the dots on over 9000 vehicles, with nearly half involved in events at 2 or more organizations.

We’d like to thank and acknowledge the Auror community for their feedback, and for collaborating with us to develop these, and many more solutions to a number of complex problems. We look forward to another big year, with more exciting developments to help the community reduce loss and safety incidents in their stores and communities in 2021. 

December 23, 2020

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