This spotlight was featured in our latest print publication called Inside Auror, a collection of stories from the Retail Crime Intelligence community, and has been adapted for The Intel blog series.

When it comes to retail leadership, heroes emerge from all kinds of teams and organizations. From global retail and Law Enforcement to AP/LP managers and association presidents, people going above and beyond to make communities safer can be found at every corner. We recently spoke with Bobby Haskins, VP of Retail Partnerships at Auror, to hear about the latest retail heroes his team has been working with.

Casey Jarman, Global Loss Prevention Physical Security Technology Manager at Nike

Casey helped establish multiple ORCAs in regions that didn’t have them or needed to reform the leadership team, notably in Memphis and Wisconsin. In addition to expanding the national partnership, he is leading retailer and law enforcement collaboration on major crimes all over the country. 

Ed Fritz, Crime Prevention Supervisor at Boise Police Department, President of Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho 

ORCAID and Ed were pioneers and early adopters of the national platform approach. They helped establish cross-ORCA partnerships on the West Coast that accelerated participation. Ed continues to share intelligence with retail partners and has played a major role in connecting the dots on multiple national investigations. 

Norm Smaligo, Investigations Manager at Navistar, President of ORCIN

Norm has helped share intelligence leading to multiple large case closures. He connected the dots on a group moving between California and Oklahoma, then shared this information within Auror to increase awareness of this group. That group was apprehended in a Pryor, OK retail location through the intelligence sharing happening in the platform. Norm always says that Auror helps him remove those “imaginary lines” that prevent communication between large groups or teams.

Chantal McMillen, Sr. Asset Protection Specialist at Albertsons

Chantal says the biggest impact of Auror is getting thieves identified and arrested. But there’s more to it – Auror has helped Albertsons work more closely with law enforcement and other retailers. Chantal leads Albertsons by explaining to store managers how they share information and that they get people identified and arrested. The store managers Chantal works with love to know how they came about catching the people who have caused their stores a loss, and working with their local ORCA is a huge part of how they get a lot of them identified.

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July 1, 2022

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