Auror is excited to introduce Judd Cain, the company’s newly appointed President of North America. He brings with him two decades of executive-level leadership experience and his appointment comes at a crucial time in Auror’s expansion and investment in North America.

We caught up with Judd to learn more about who he is, why he decided to join Auror and what he sees as the biggest opportunities that intelligence offers to help address retail crime. 

Tell us about yourself and what you were doing before Auror

I grew up in the Philadelphia area, but I’ve lived all over the world including New York, Boston, the United Kingdom, Austria, New Zealand, and now Houston, to name a few. My entire professional life has been in software and technology and I’ve had roles in engineering, sales, professional services and most recently, finance.

Prior to joining Auror, I was the Chief Financial Officer of Tait International, which produces secure voice and data solutions for public safety, utilities, and public transport operators. 

What drew you to Auror? 

Every so often you come across a rare business that has just the right mix of innovation, talent, culture, and focus on doing good things. I think Auror is one of those rare companies - it’s filled with the right people, doing the right things at the right time, and for the right reasons. During the interview process I was struck by how switched on everyone was and how very passionate they were about the company. 

There’s the community benefit aspect too. Auror is making the world better in a specific way, through empowering the reduction of crime and I wanted to be on a team that is making the world better and growing the business at the same time.

How do you feel about entering a new industry?

I find it exciting to learn about issues in a new space and to come into an industry with a fresh pair of eyes. I like to explore new ways of solving problems, and sometimes that helps to bring a new perspective to things. 

What do you see as the top opportunities for intelligence to help reduce retail crime at scale?

Retailers and law enforcement are starved for capability right now, given the challenges they face. In some cases they’re being overwhelmed by criminals who are targeting them. My lightbulb moment was discovering that 70% of external retail loss and harm is caused by 20% of the people offending, so the majority of retail criminal activity is really Organized Retail Crime (ORC). That says two things to me.

Firstly, there is tremendous value for retailers in better tracking and reporting, because with the right tools connecting the dots, asset protection/loss prevention professionals can have a major impact by focusing on that 20%.

Secondly, the forces behind the majority of loss are bad people who are likely doing other bad things in the community, whether it be narcotics or human trafficking, burglary or auto theft operations, and other serious crimes that impact the wider community. That makes these offenders important for law enforcement to focus on.

The partnership between retailers, law enforcement, and solutions providers like Auror can have a significant impact on this problem and we owe it to our organizations and our communities to make every effort to turn the tables on ORC. We all have a key role to play in reducing crime, and I'm looking forward to working with retail executives to get involved.

What’s something not many people know about you?

I’m pretty direct and like to talk about the things that interest me: travel, food and wine, photography, wood and metal working, and the shooting sports. My wife tells me that I have too many hobbies!

November 3, 2021

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