What do you do with stores not reporting crime, but exhibiting high stock variance?

A nationwide retailer recently identified stores in each region that reported minimal crime, yet had significant stock variance. Using data on POIs and VOIs across their store network an experiment was undertaken where coverts were deployed in a store to see what (or who) might be contributing to this variance. The results were astonishing!

What happened?

In a single store shift, the coverts identified eight known POIs, recently involved in over $4,200 of theft of hot products in stores across the city. The coverts were able to quickly identify and follow each POI based on the intelligence gathered from their crime sprees at other stores. No more theft without consequence.  

Empowered Stores

With the stores now acutely aware of the importance and value of reporting crime, targeted training was undertaken to properly equip their teams. Armed with critical intelligence the stores are now empowered to prevent prolific and active offenders in their store and regions.

Active Investigation

The ORC investigations team have put surveillance on the most prolific POIs in the hope of uncovering a major receiving hub for the stolen hot products. Stay tuned.

December 5, 2018
Retail Crime

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