Stop Crime in Your Stores

Organised retail crime is the #1 driver of loss for retail businesses.

How are you going to tackle ORC and how will you convince decision makers to take action?

Are you fighting crime in the dark?

Chances are you’re already reporting crime in your stores, but how effectively are you using that data to stop crime in your stores?
Auror surfaces actionable intelligence from crime incidents to give you and your team the upper hand in the fight against organised retail crime.

Get the new standard in crime intelligence.

It starts with making crime reporting simple and rewarding for your store teams. But the true value comes from the intelligence you can uncover.

Being able to connect the dots on repeat offenders and ORC groups targeting your stores right now, gives your team the ability to prevent crime across your stores, not react to it.

Transform your approach to tackling ORC

Save time
reporting crime

Report crime in minutes. Manage evidence safely and securely and share with Police and head office.

Keep frontline teams and customers safe

Be proactive about safety with real-time alerts about known or violent offenders operating in the area.

Partner with police and retailers to stop ORC

Collaborate with other retailers and Police at scale so you don’t have to fight ORC on your own.

Make technology
work for you

Integrate vehicle and facial recognition systems, automate civil recovery and more with software ready for the challenges of today
and tomorrow.

Give your crimefighters superpowers

Make your people more effective. Use intelligence to target limited resources into activities that drive the best loss reduction outcomes.

Connect the dots on repeat offenders & ORC

Remove the anonymity of offenders across stores to equip teams with the intelligence to prevent crime and develop targeted responses to the most prolific offenders.

See Auror in Action

Farmers Case Study
Ease of Implementation

Mitre 10 Case Study

Briscoes Case Study

What our Customers Say

Nathan Breed

Group Loss Prevention Manager

“Auror gives me the intel to ID and prevent prolific offenders from targeting our stores. It’s already helped be to be more vigilant about known offenders and organised retail crime rings.”

Gillian Harrop

Security Manager 

“It's the best tool we've got.”

Michael Hulme

National Loss Prevention Manager

“What we’re really excited about is what’s yet to come... Auror means we’re positioned to use new technologies like facial recognition. That’s real crime prevention.”

Interested but not convinced?
Try Auror in your most challenging sites on us.

We’re so certain Auror can help you significantly reduce crime,
you can put us to test in your site with the highest crime rate for free.

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