2019 was a big year for the Auror community, for growth and for change. Following 7 years of feedback from our customers and police partners, we launched the new Auror platform across North America, Australia and finally, to New Zealand. 

We worked to design a new Auror crime intelligence platform that is faster, simpler and more flexible for our customers. We’re grateful for the open-mindedness of our users, their willingness to adapt to the new changes and their feedback about what we can do next to take the platform to the next level.

2019 Highlights

Welcome retail partners

To celebrate the incredible results the Auror community achieved throughout 2019, we recognized our top performing crimefighters at the Supreme Crimefighter awards.

See the category finalists and award recipients below:

Auror Awards 2019

Coming up in 2020

Handle sensitive and internal events

We’re aiming to give organizations control over what event types should show to collaborators and police in the Auror platform, as well as the ability to restrict access to specific sensitive events.

Handle sensitive and internal events

Build investigations

The Auror Platform will be evolving to enable Asset Protection teams to conduct and build out complex investigations within the platform.

Build investigations (ORC)

Debt recovery

The Auror Platform is expanding to cover more of the loss prevention and recovery problem our customers face, enabling debts and recoveries to be tracked against an event, and where possible sending texts or letters to recover debt.

Debt recovery
January 20, 2020
Auror Insights

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