Retailers want to protect their customers and associates from the surge in ORC and violence. But while strategies and solutions have advanced, the threat of retail violence has dramatically increased in the last few years.

Since 2021, Auror data show a 140% increase in serious behavior by repeat people.

The gap to fill on this problem is going from detection and reporting to prevention and actionable intelligence. But what does that journey require? 

At Auror, we’re seeing more and more retailers leverage LPR (License Plate Recognition) to enhance their crime prevention strategy. LPR unlocks an impactful intelligence source that – when paired with Retail Crime Intelligence – empowers retailers and law enforcement to connect the dots on dangerous crime groups. 

With Auror LPR specifically, AP/LP teams have quickly implemented the technology and are driving safe preventions at scale around the world.

Auror LPR highlights: 

  • Automatic vehicle of interest (VOI) enrollment - saving time and money typically required by AP/LP teams to create and manage VOI lists
  • Receive real-time in-app notifications that provide actionable intelligence on people who have previously used that vehicle
  • Empower law enforcement collaboration (and manage agency access)
  • Link people to vehicles, including their known behaviors such as violence
  • A single system for Retail Crime Intelligence and LPR - giving end users a powerfully simple experience to prevent crime and violence
  • Use multi-purpose cameras (whether they're for LPR or other analytics, there's no single use-case requirement with Auror LPR)

So how does it work? And what can it do for retailers, law enforcement, and the wider community? Read on to learn more.

“The ability to anticipate if a previous offender is about to enter the store is incredibly helpful. Our teams feel safer and are less stressed about dealing with potentially dangerous or aggressive people in-store, which means they are able to focus on delivering great customer service to other store visitors.”
– Michael Hulme, Profit Protection Chapter Lead at The Warehouse Group
Retailers are increasingly focused on life safety and layering impressions of control beyond the four store walls and into the wider community to achieve this. There needs to be new layers of control – further into zones four and five – to prevent violence at scale.
– Bobby Haskins, VP of Retail Partnerships at Auror

Trusted use of LPR in the US

When it comes to benefits and overviews, it makes sense to cover common misunderstandings about LPR too. There are many misconceptions about how LPR works, how it can be safely operated, and the impact of US state-level legislation. There are 17 states with legislation expressly addressing the use of LPR, the majority of which focus on restricting law enforcement usage.

Where an LPR law only applies to law enforcement agencies, then ostensibly retailers will be free to use LPR technology, following our recommended best practice on security and privacy-enhancing controls.

Check out the full  post to understand and overcome any privacy concerns.

Retail Crime Intelligence and LPR: Better together

Report incidents seamlessly

A simple tap or click-based interface ensures structured data is captured effortlessly. Add, edit, and securely store images, CCTV, and detailed vehicle information when reporting events.

Detect vehicles of interest as they enter your stores

Auror LPR will detect vehicles of interest and alert your teams as they enter your store parking area.

Safely prevent with actionable alerts

Arm store teams with information on people, including behaviors they’ve displayed, to help reduce potential conflict and loss events.

Keen to keep learning about Auror LPR? Explore real-life customer wins: Auror LPR customer story

October 30, 2023
Store Safety

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