Auror’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is helping retail teams prevent potential safety and loss events 80% of the time on average. Our data shows that just 10% of people who offend are responsible for 60% of crimes in stores. ALPR is helping identify and stop these people causing the most harm and loss.

So how does it work? And what can it do for retailers, law enforcement, and the wider community? Read on to learn more.

ALPR for retail: how it works

When an incident occurs in a retail store, information about that event can be reported to Auror’s Retail Crime Intelligence platform. A number of details can be reported, including any associated vehicles.

The next time any one of those vehicles enters the parking area, ALPR cameras will detect it and the platform will send an alert to your store, security, or corporate teams. They can then decide the most appropriate course of action based on previously reported information and company policies.

This can help to prevent further incidents and avoids putting staff and customers in potentially harmful situations.

Helping the wider community

As you can see, this technology can have a significant positive impact on retail crime and safety. ALPR for retail helps keep the wider community safe and helps to improve collaboration with law enforcement. Whenever a stolen vehicle is detected through ALPR cameras, local law enforcement can receive an alert and they can respond accordingly. We’ve seen with retailers already using ALPR that the increased presence of law enforcement thanks to the alert system deters people who offend from entering stores.

Keen to learn more about ALPR?

Check out this previous post on understanding and overcoming its associated privacy concerns.

April 11, 2023
Store Safety

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