Collaboration between retailers and law enforcement has never been more critical than it is in today’s environment, where Organized Retail Crime (ORC) poses significant challenges to both.

On the latest episode of The Retail Crime Intelligence Podcast, we had a chat with Ed Fritz. Ed Fritz is the Crime Prevention Supervisor for the City of Boise Police Department and the Chair of ORCAID – the Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho. An experienced supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in both government administration and retail crime prevention, Ed frequently speaks on these topics as a key thought leader in the industry. Listen on Spotify or Apple, watch on YouTube, or read the show notes below.

Jump into the conversation:

[03:26] Retail's role in crime investigation and prevention

[07:15] Helping retailers understand the value of collaborating with law enforcement

[13:02] An inside look at the technology resources for safety

[19:00] The need to reach out early

[23:58] How new laws are empowering retailers and law enforcement

[28:45] The importance of communication in solving broader scale cases

Stopping crime and keeping people safe

It’s clear that the synergy between retailers and law enforcement has brought about notable successes in addressing ORC. The shared commitment to protecting businesses and communities has forged partnerships that continue to make a difference. Nonetheless, the fight against retail crime is ongoing, and it is imperative for both sides to continue refining their collaborative strategies, confronting the challenges head-on, and adapting to the changing landscape of criminal activity. By doing so, they will remain formidable opponents to those who seek to undermine the integrity of the retail industry and the public's safety.

Find the episode on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

January 20, 2024
Law Enforcement

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