The overarching value of a connected ecosystem is generally straightforward. Solutions are integrated, making the end user’s job easier with much less friction.

But what does that really mean? How are connected ecosystems being applied to AP/LP?

There’s more to unpack here when it comes to addressing ORC (Organized Retail Crime), but it doesn’t have to be overly complex.

In this webinar, Hedgie Bartol sits down with fellow Aurors Tom Batterbury and Bobby Haskins to talk about the future of Retail Crime Intelligence and where connected ecosystems fit in.

What is a connected ecosystem, really?

As covered in our feature piece, What is the Retail Crime Intelligence Hub, connected ecosystems refer to “an integrated group of technology solutions that can function as a unit.”

At Auror, we’re helping build a unified future for AP/LP that is powerfully simple and ultimately leads to safer retail communities.

Watch the full webinar now:

Key points & what to expect

The speakers

  • Tom Batterbury - Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Co-Founder at Auror
  • Bobby Haskins - VP of Retail Partnerships at Auror 
  • Hedgie Bartol - Senior Director of Retail Business Development at Auror

"At the end of the day, traditional or legacy case management systems just aren’t architected to do what Auror is doing, which is solving the anonymity problem – across systems, across stores, across retailers – and enabling collaboration with law enforcement." – Tom

Key points

  • Innovation and the future of loss prevention leadership
  • How ORC groups use anonymity against retailers (and how Auror solves for this)
  • The value of having structured data across stores and systems in one place
  • Why Auror is customer-driven and deliberate in its product strategy 
  • Network effects: what they mean and how they address ORC at scale 
  • The differences between Retail Crime Intelligence and traditional case management

"You actually can’t have a Retail Crime Intelligence Hub with traditional case management…traditional case management is ‘reporting the news’…You could feed that data in from different sources but it’s just going to be more work for your investigators – for your AP team – to sort through." – Bobby

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This webinar is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

January 2, 2023
Crime Intelligence

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