Auror is excited to welcome Reveal to the Retail Crime Intelligence movement as a new product integration partner and part of Auror’s Connected Ecosystem that is keeping stores and their frontline workers safe. Reveal is a global market leader in body-worn video technology, serving clients in 40+ countries across segments like retail, law enforcement, and security.

The Reveal body-worn video product integration

With this product integration, users of Reveal body-worn video can now get critical digital evidence into Auror's crime intelligence platform at the click of a button. This streamlines the event reporting and evidence capture process by automating the transfer of footage from Reveal to Auror.

Reveal now becomes part of Auror’s growing connected ecosystem, where we partner with the world’s leading tools, technologies, and task forces to stop crime. There’s a long list of detection and prevention technologies available to retail AP/LP leaders. Traditionally, all of these tools have operated in silos. Without a connected ecosystem, incident data and evidence is fragmented in multiple places with no threads to tie it together.

Our vision is a future where all of these tools work together to unlock the power of their respective data, empowering each other to form a full picture of the incident and totality of offending.

Working together to stop crime

Reveal is used by retail and security associates around the world, including the majority of UK police agencies. This collaboration across organizations is central to the Retail Crime Intelligence movement.

bp UK recently announced they were rolling out the Auror Retail Crime Intelligence platform across its ~300 company-owned stores, as well as implementing Reveal body worn cameras at stores with higher levels of violence and crime.

From the release: 

“The introduction of the [Reveal] cameras resulted in a decrease in verbal abuse incidents, and collaboration with the local police produced positive results, with several instances of customers apologising for their behaviour as a direct result of seeing their action on the front-facing screens of the Reveal body worn cameras. The body worn cameras are currently in use at 70 company-owned stores across the UK and are being rolled out at pace to more stores with high rates of incidents.”

Read the bp press release here.

Learn more about the integration

If you’re interested in hearing more about the above integration, or if you are ready to connect your Reveal body-worn cameras to Auror, please reach out directly to your Auror partnership manager or send a message to

Or if you’re interested in connecting your other technologies into the Connected Ecosystem, please reach out us.

May 22, 2024
Public Safety

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