The Retail Crime Intelligence movement is excited to welcome Axon, the public safety technology leader, as our newest product integration partner and part of Auror’s Connected Ecosystem that is keeping retailers and their frontline workers safe. Working together to standardize data and evidence-sharing workflows, we’ll continue to empower retailers and law enforcement to make our communities safer.

The Axon/Auror product integration

The Axon/Auror product integration creates an end-to-end solution for secure video and evidence transfer that will help retailers and law enforcement obtain better and faster outcomes.

Body worn Cameras:  Many organizations are now rolling out body worn cameras to frontline team members to help capture incidents and evidence of violence, aggression, and criminal actions. These videos become important evidence and assist in the investigation process. Now, when videos are captured on Axon body worn cameras, there will be the ability for these videos to be exported into the Auror platform and linked to the relevant incident or investigation.

Transfer to Retailers are doing an incredible job of gathering evidence and building investigations within Auror on organized retail crime groups targeting their stores. This often involves working with multiple industry partners and law enforcement agencies, spanning tens or hundreds of linked events. Traditionally, evidence and information have been given to law enforcement through manual and physical methods (such as paper, CDs, and USB sticks). However, with this new integration, once an investigation is at the hand-off point, law enforcement are able to export and securely transfer a full evidence package from Auror Investigate to Axon’s

Auror’s connected ecosystem: the hub of all crime intel 

With this integration, Axon becomes a part of Auror’s growing connected ecosystem, where we partner with the world’s leading tools, technologies, and task forces to stop crime together.

There’s a long list of detection and prevention technologies available to retail AP/LP leaders. Traditionally, all of these tools have operated in silos. Without a connected ecosystem, incident data and evidence is fragmented in multiple places with no threads to tie it together.

Our vision is a future where all of these tools work together to unlock the power of their respective data, empowering each other to form a full picture of the incident and totality of offending.

Empowering outcomes on RILA’s Vibrant Communities Initiative 

Over the past six months, Auror and Axon have been partnering with the Retail Industry Leaders’ Association (RILA) on the Vibrant Communities Initiative.

The collaboration has yielded impactful outcomes for retailers, law enforcement, and the communities they serve together. For example, a repeat offender connected to over $500,000 in loss across 70+ reported events was recently identified and arrested through collaboration among six retail organizations involved in the Vibrant Communities Initiative. In conjunction with the Vibrant Communities Initiative, these retailers continue to work with local law enforcement and district attorneys on this case closure.

Learn more about the Axon integration

If you’re interested in hearing more about the above integrations, or if you are ready to connect your Axon products to Auror, please reach out directly to your Auror partnership manager or send a message to

Or if you’re interested in connecting your other technologies into the Connected Ecosystem, please reach out us.

April 15, 2024
Public Safety

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