What are the biggest trends in addressing Organized Retail Crime (ORC) in North America? Auror's VP of Retail Partnerships, Bobby Haskins, and Senior Director of Retail Business Development, Hedgie Bartol, reflect on this question in episode two of our podcast series.

From the sharing of data and information to building a connected ecosystem, they explore some of the prevailing trends they have been seeing so far.

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Collaboration and sharing

One of the biggest lessons Bobby and Hedgie explored was a growing openness to sharing information among retailers. Purposeful sharing of the right information and cross-retailer collaboration creates a network that effectively prevents future loss by identifying the people causing the most harm.

It’s not without some hesitation and doubt from retailers, though, and Bobby touches on some of the fears retailers commonly have around collaboration and sharing – plus two of the top things retailers can do to help allay those fears.

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Building connected ecosystems

Building on the collaboration point, Bobby and Hedgie also look at the importance of retail ecosystems. This is about finding synergies between best-of-breed solutions and getting those providers to work together, so disparate data points can come together and be accessed in the same place.

“There’s all these digital footprint items when you’re in the digital world. Well, there are those types of data points in the physical world too. We just have to figure out, how do we get them into one central spot,” Bobby explains.

“That method of offense, that MO, [people who offend] are going to do that same thing…at all these different retailers. Those are digital breadcrumbs in the physical space that we need to get after. And that’s where I think the solution provider, connected ecosystem approach can just be game-changing.”

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October 19, 2022
Auror Insights

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