Rexall is one of Canada’s leading pharmacy retailers with nearly 400 locations. Like many retail organizations around the world, Rexall faces obstacles in combating crime, loss, and harm from Organized Retail Crime (ORC) networks. The retail leader partnered with Auror to evolve its approach to addressing the ORC problem and has seen impactful results throughout their experience.

On this episode of The Intel Podcast Series, Daryl Blackmore (Director of Loss Prevention at Rexall) talks with us about those results and how Rexall is empowering its frontline teams with Retail Crime Intelligence.

This episode was recorded as part of a webinar presented in partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation. Listen on Spotify or Apple and watch the preview below.

Key talking points 

  • The main challenges for AP/LP right now
  • The importance of visibility and collaboration for Rexall's frontline 
  • Why their pilot experience with Auror was so valuable
  • Rexall’s LP team structure and workflows
  • Plus a Q&A session with Daryl and impactful stories from the frontline 

Key results

  • 17% reduction in shrink from 2019 to 2022
  • 75 Organized Retail Crime (ORC) investigations of repeat offenders conducted
  • 898 individual repeat offenders investigated

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Read the Rexall case study:

November 29, 2022
Loss Prevention

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