On this episode of The Intel Podcast Series, we spoke with Katarina Demasi (Security Administration Officer at Drakes Supermarkets) about her AP/LP career journey and how she leverages her extensive experience on the frontline while working at the Head Office now. The largest independent grocery retailer in Australia, Drakes has more than 60 stores across South Australia and Queensland.

During the chat, Katarina covered her career journey as a Security Administration Officer, her passion for LP, work-life integration as a parent, and how her frontline experience has impacted her new role.

Inside AP/LP with Katarina Demasi (Security Administration Officer at Drakes Supermarkets)

Key takeaways: 

  • Career journeys are often non-linear despite our early expectations. This was true for Katarina’s experience. 
  • Working in-store gives Katarina perspective as a Security Administration Officer. She understands what her teams are trying to achieve and what they have to go through to get there. 
  • The value of frontline empowerment is immeasurable and she credits Auror for making this easier to do. 
  • Work-life integration as a parent is hard, and Drakes has been super helpful and supportive to Katarina. She also feels a gradual shift happening in the industry when it comes to DEIB and representation at the management level – crediting Drakes for leading in this space.

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June 20, 2023
Loss Prevention

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