For the very first episode of The Intel by Auror podcast series, we are proud to present our conversation on leadership and the importance of intelligence-based, “shared consciousness” systems with Four-Star General of the United States Army, Stanley McChrystal. 

In the first episode of The Intel by Auror podcast series, join Auror CEO Phil Thomson as he chats with General McChrystal about why and how those systems worked for the US military - and how it can work for retail Asset Protection/Loss Prevention (AP/LP) too as they address Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

It takes a network to defeat a network

During the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq, General McChrystal had a realization. Conventional, bureaucratic tactics used by the United States military were failing against an enemy that was far more agile and decentralized.

So, he flipped the way the US operations were being run to a trust-based model with decentralized decision-making and teams that were empowered by information and intelligence. As a result, he and his team were credited with the death of the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq at that time.

"It takes a network to defeat a network. With that, we took the first step toward an entirely new conversation," McChrystal wrote in his book, Team of Teams.

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You can also read more about the conversation in our article, Lessons from a Four-Star General.

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October 3, 2022
Organized Retail Crime

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