Held at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Retail Risk Melbourne had a full house (and full agenda) bringing together local and global LP experts, solution providers, retailers, and police to address retail crime in Australia.

Like all Retail Risk events, the panels and conversations were powerfully insightful. Let's dive into some of the key highlights from our experience.

Collaborating with ORC insights

Kaye Harding, Auror’s Regional Director for ANZ, hosted a panel called Collaboration: The Key to Overcoming Retail Crime and Aggression. Kaye was joined by Andrew Sayers, National Asset Protection Lead at Coles Liquor, and Andrew Wolf, Regional Loss Prevention Manager at OfficeWorks to discuss collaboration, innovation, and team-building.

Both Coles Liquor and OfficeWorks have unique challenges. But through data from the Auror platform, they were able to identify they were targets of Organised Retail Crime (ORC) and understand the movements and flexibility of those targeting their stores, as well as the volume of incidents and threatening behaviour involved. As a result, both companies use insights to make strategic plans to manage ORC and prioritise safety of their staff and customers. They noted that the more people on the Auror platform, the better the information - ultimately leading to better outcomes.

These points align with Auror's approach to dot connecting; that is, to prevent ORC theft from stores by merging individual incidents into clear, connected intelligence. This helps remove their anonymity and charges them with the totality of their offending – providing a deterrent to steal from stores again.

Addressing ORC across markets

In addition to the central theme of collaboration, a key takeaway from conversations this year was prioritising LP and safety at all levels of the retail market. As we’ve mentioned, these are challenges for every single retailer, not just the big chain stores.

Retail Crime Intelligence is enabling access to more effective LP strategies for stores outside of the enterprise – in particular for the middle market – and requires minimal time and people resources to get started. Together, retail leaders, police, and solution providers are collaborating with this new intelligence to make their communities safer.

The future of LP in Australia

The future of LP in Australia is all about collaboration powered by Retail Crime Intelligence.

And this future is for everyone.

The Auror team loved being in attendance at Retail Risk Melbourne – catching up with customers and the LP community. We hope to see you at Retail Risk Melbourne 2023!

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August 11, 2022

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