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With US theft, fraud, and violent incidents continuing to grow, research indicates focused, enduring partnerships leveraging multi-source data is critical to reducing crime events and harm. To that end, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) announced Auror as its newest partner in the organization’s ongoing efforts to create better, newer strategies for combating retail crime.

Auror’s retail crime intelligence platform empowers retailers and law enforcement to collaboratively reduce crime and violence in stores to create safer places. Auror has officially joined LPRC as an INNOVATE-level partner. It’s a collaboration shared by over a dozen other solution providers in advancing loss prevention and asset protection in retail. LPRC's diverse membership and industry partnerships are key to its collaborative efforts to innovate, research, test, and implement new crime prevention strategies in retail environments.

As an INNOVATE partner, Auror will now be contributing to the development of more effective and highly advanced solutions, sharing innovative best practices on Responsible Tech and AI, and collaborating with other LPRC members and partners to create a safer and more profitable environment for the retail industry.

Dr. Read Hayes, the Executive Director of LPRC, is thrilled to welcome the team at Auror to the organization. "Auror is the perfect partner for the kind of innovative work we do at the Loss Prevention Research Council. Their cutting-edge products and services are in perfect alignment with our mission, and we’re excited to be able to add their expertise to our growing list of solution providers from around the world.”

“Auror has always been aligned to LPRC’s mission for advancing the industry through science and innovation,” said Bobby Haskins, VP of Retail Partnerships at Auror and LPRC Board of Advisors Member. “As the need for retail crime intelligence increases in the U.S. and around the world, we’re excited to apply our insights to that mission as an INNOVATE-level partner.”

As an INNOVATE-level partner, Auror joins forces with leading members like Target, Walmart, IKEA, Kroger, Wayfair, and more than 90 other leading retailers, as well as more than 125 solution providers in the security and retail business. Together, they’re working to shape the future of loss prevention by sharing their collective expertise and experiences.

About LPRC

LPRC is a leading research organization of more than 225 corporations, associations, and agencies committed to driving innovation and creating practical solutions to enhance the safety and profitability of the retail industry. Through collaboration, research, and partnerships, LPRC brings together retailers, solution providers, and researchers to address challenges and advance the field of loss prevention.

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April 11, 2024
Loss Prevention

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